Services for the Forest Industry

Our mission is to save time and money

Sometimes it is more important to ask what you can get for your money than what the price of a cubic metre of timber is. The material needs to be on board on time, even during high season when there is a shortage of containers. We can assure you that our extensive experience, functional processes, innovative IT solutions, and good connections can certainly do no harm here. For our customers, our experience means understanding the significance of even the smallest details.

Small mistakes can be costly

We believe that quality and service pay themselves back many times over. Even one faulty batch or receiving a claim for damages once the cargo has been delivered are things that we want to spare our customers from. We will ensure at every step that things work the way they are supposed to.

Suitable equipment and premises

We have access to various types of forklifts and lifting equipment both indoors and outdoors. Our customisable facilities are designed for various kinds of goods handling. When the facilities and equipment are in order, everything works smoothly.

Loading / unloading a car in one go

Our railway terminal is located in Kotka, providing our storage with a direct railway connection. Our Kotka station in the Mussalo harbour specialises in the handling of forestry products and other container products. Our services also include all forwarding and freight services.

Container loading services – LoadPlate

Our LoadPlate systems serve the needs of our export industry, ensuring that forestry products are loaded into containers for export and various project container loading processes take place safely and efficiently. All products are loaded tightly and without damage, meaning that the space is used optimally.


  • Export clearances
  • Cargo unloading
  • Intermediate storage
  • Container loading
  • Empty containers to our own terminal
  • Deliveries to port to await for loading
  • Documents
  • We also provide storage logistics services!

Check out the video to see how the LoadPlate works



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Kotka service

Kotka service

Terminal services for forest industry

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Tom Stenroth
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Jaakko Pohjanvaara
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